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Hanuman Images hd

Here is a description of some common depictions of Hanuman, the Hindu god:

  • Hanuman is often depicted as having the face of a monkey and the body of a well-built man. He is usually shown wearing a dhoti or loincloth.
  • He is almost always portrayed with reddish-orange or saffron colored fur, representing his devotion and bravery. His hairy tail signifies his animal instincts being well controlled.
  • Hanuman has immense strength and the ability to shapeshift and change his size from very small to gigantic. He is often shown carrying a massive mace or gada which symbolizes power.
  • Some images show him carrying a whole mountain of the life-saving herb sanjeevani to Lanka to heal the wounded in Ramayana. This depicts his selfless service and loyalty to Lord Rama.
  • Other common poses include showing reverence with folded hands, kneeling on one knee in service, or tearing open his chest to reveal his devotion to Rama written on his heart.
  • Hanuman is worshipped for his strength, courage and devotion. His images radiate energy, strength and wisdom. He serves as an inspiration to face life’s challenges.
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hanuman images hd
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hanuman images hd wallpapers

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